We provide analysis and characterization, support with establishing structure-properties relationships of novel polymeric materials, surface engineering of (and with) polymers, and engineering solutions for technology applications. We support the design and development of new polymeric materials, as across the knowledge and technology chains.

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Industrial R&D
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Analytical services

Generic areas

Projects & expertise

Generic areas

Projects & expertise

Polymer synthesis and modification

  • Hydrogels

  • Macromolecular assemblies with aptamers

  • Polyurethanes

  • Molecular grafting

Analysis and characterization of macromolecules

  • Molecular composition
  • Chain dimensions in solution

  • Spectroscopy

  • Thermal properties in bulk

  • Nano- and microstructure

Melt reaction engineering and plastics processing

  • Grafting

  • Transesterification

  • Recycling and upcycling

Polymers and plastics testing

  • Blends and composites

  • Morphology

  • Anisotropy and texture

  • Biocomposting

  • Surface fouling and engineering

Our expertise

  • Molecular analysis and composition
  • Polymer morphology and microstructure characterization

  • Nucleating agents, stabilizers, processing aids

  • Advanced microscopies: AFM, optical, SEM

  • Thermal analysis, stability and decomposition

  • Defect analysis

  • Coloring of polymers

  • Molar mass distributions

  • Surface engineering and characterization


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