We provide analysis and characterization, support with establishing structure-properties relationships of novel polymeric materials, surface engineering of (and with) polymers, and engineering solutions for technology applications. We support the design and development of new polymeric materials, as across the knowledge and technology chains.




Optical microscopy

Morphology, structure, failure mode

Imaging of the morphology and structure of the materials, information on the failure mode.

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Morphology, structure, failure mode

High-resolution imaging (nanometer level) of the morphology and structure of the materials, information on the failure mode.

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

Tg, melting point, crystallinity level

Information on the Tg, melting point, and crystallinity level of the materials, can be link to the mechanical properties and influence of temperature.

Atomic force microscopy (AFM)

Topography, structure, failure mode

Sample microtoming and AFM analysis can reveal information at high resolution about topography, structure, composition, dispersion of hard and soft segments.

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR)

Chemical composition

The measurements can indicate the susceptibility of the materials to degradation at high temperature or upon exposure to UV light.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

Chemical composition

Destructive method allowing in-depth information about the chemical composition after dissolution of the material.

Universal testing machine

Tensile strength, elongation at break

Measurement of the mechanical properties of the materials after exposure to high temperatures and/or UV.

Impact testing

Toughness, failure mode, temperature-dependent ductile-brittle transition

Study of the fracture of the materials under high strain rates.


Apparent viscosity, relation between shear stress and shear rate

Behaviour of the material at high temperature and shear rates.


Expertise advice and data analysis upon request.


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